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Ways To Dress During The Winter

Brunswick weather can be a little tricky, one day it’s super cold and then the next day the sun is shining. But with weather like that you have to be careful when it comes to dressing your child. Fluctuating weather is one of the quickest ways your child can catch a cold.

Babies lose heat more rapidly than adults do, experts agree that it’s best to dress your child in one more layer of clothes than you would wear. Except for in the car because the big puffy coats can cause more injury if you were to get into a car accident. The best way to keep your child warm for car rides without the puffy coat is to dress them in light layers and put a blanket around them after they get buckled in. Also, do not forget the gloves, hats and socks. They play an important role in keeping your child warm.

Below is a description of the type of layers you should use to keep your baby warm.

Three la​yers:

  • Inner (Base) layer: The skin should be covered in a thin layer that helps to move moisture away from the body. Keeping your skin dry helps keep you warm and comfortable. Your inner layer should cover almost your whole body: arms, legs and torso. Polyester and silk, and related modern materials are best. Cotton is a poor choice.
  • Middle layer: This is the insulating layer. Wool and fleece work best. The mid10-Tips-for-Dressing-Your-Kids-this-Winterdle layer can be made up of several thin layers.
  • Outer layer: This is the water and wind protection layer. Get a long coat so that you can sit comfortably. Coats should have high collars and a hood. You should be able to easily ventilate the coat by loosening sleeve ends, opening zippers under the arms and opening a front zipper. This will help get rid of the moisture inside the coat. For very cold temperatures or for kids rolling around in the snow, bib-type snow pants are a good choice.

Akeba Academy and The Rock bring make sure are students are bundled up before going outside. If you are in need of a daycare that cares for your child give us a call (912) 289-2725


3 Reasons To Join Us On Facebook

Social media is so popular in this day in age. Everywhere you turn someone is posting on Facebook, Snap chat, or Instagram. Facebook is known as one of the best ways to keep in touch with family and friends whom you may not get to see everyday. That’s why Akeba Academy has our own Facebook page. Because parents aren’t able to see what their children are doing everyday while they are at work. So we post to keep you all updated.  Here are some other  reasons who should follow us on Facebook

  • Scrapbook and journal of the children’s lives
  • Updates on events and closings dates
  • Chance to see the latest sales

Currently Akeba Academy is running a 20% off sale and it’s all over our Facebook page. It’s important to follow us because whenever we have major events and special sales Facebook gets the notice first! If you are interested in taking advantage of this sale give us a call today (912) 289-2725

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3 Ways To Tell Your Teacher Thank You

Teachers are with your child Monday – Friday 8 hours or more a day. They are a huge part of your child’s day. Here are some ways to show your appreciation and say thank  you.

1. A Thank You Card : A card is a personal heartfelt thank you. Have your child write out all the things they are thankful for and what they love about their teacher.

thank card





2. Homemade project: Work with your sons and daughters and help them create a nice arts and crafts project that their teacher can put on display in their classroom.






3.  Store bought gift: You can also have your child think of something sweet to buy their teacher. That she can use at home or at a school like in the picture below.







Here at Akeba Academy we know are teachers work as hard as they do because they love these children as if they were their own. If you are looking for staff that will love and care for your child give us a call today (912) 289-2725

Fun Activities To Do With Infants And Toddlers During Thanksgiving

Each year on the fourth Thursday in November, families gather together to celebrate the goodness and the blessings they receive. Most importantly, it’s a holiday about everything we are thankful for. It’s a great joy to be around family and friends during this time. Children may not know what Thanksgiving is all about so as parents it’s our job to involve them in the holiday festivities.

Here’s how,

  • Create a list of kind things they can do for others during the month of November

acts of kindness







  • Do small arts and craft activities. Where they can say everything they are thankful for









Here at Akeba Academy we had our infants and toddlers create turkeys for their hand prints, we made Indian hats, and made fall leaves. We are thankful for all of our parents who have enrolled their children in our center. We have been blessed with the opportunity to teach and share the goodness with the most lovable kids. If you know anyone looking for a childcare provider we would be more than happy to serve them. Register online HERE or call now and receive 20% off  (912) 289-2725




What To Expect From Toddlers Who Are Transitioning?

Seems like you just got comfortable with your child’s teachers in the infant care classroom and you find out it is time to think about moving up to toddler care. Whenever this transition happens, it may feel as stressful to us, as parents as it might to our children.

Here are some tips for transitioning into toddler care

Ask to meet your toddler’s new teachers to help build healthy parent-teacher relationships and to see the classroom ahead of time. Talk about your child and his needs and skills. Share how you like to receive classroom communication(verbally, on a daily sh0_0_0_0_226_170_csupload_35319796_largeeet, phone call, email, etc.) and what level of detail is important to you.

Request a gradual transition into toddler care. Whenever possible, it is better if your toddler can gradually ease into her new room. That said, it was important to follow your child’s lead. Some children have trouble going back and forth and the program should be flexible enough to adjust as needed.

It is important to give yourself and your child a chance to get comfortable with the toddler classroom and to bond with the new teachers. This process won’t always happen instantly. Give time for the new relationships to develop among you, your child and the new caregiver as you all adjust to a different style.

What to expect in the Classroom

Toddler classrooms have the reputation of being bustling and busy with children trying out their newly acquired skills of walking, climbing, and saying “no.” The infant room is more of a room with soft music and lighting, sleeping babies on their tummies on mats reaching for toys.

Some physical changes may accompany your child’s transition to the toddler room. Depending on your child’s center, the transition may also mean less reliance on bottles, more use of cups, and less0_0_0_0_250_188_csupload_35309254_large use of pacifiers. These are good topics to discuss with your child’s new teacher prior to the transition to toddler care.

Here at Akeba we try to communicate with the parents and acknowledge the milestone of “moving up”. As with many transitions, the more communication you can have is with your toddlers teacher. Give us a call today at (912)-289-2725!


Dangers of kids and cars during the winter

The average puffy coat or snowsuit usually adds about 4 inches of slack into the child’s harness straps. Those extra 4 inches significantly increases the risk of injury and particularly head injury. If there is every a place to cross your Ts and dot your I’s, your child’s car seat is certainly the place. It can literally save your child’s life.

The fluff from your child’s jacket can make it seem like their straps on the car seat are snug but in all reality they are actually loose putting your child’s life in danger. A way that you can test whether or not the straps are tight enough is, if you have room for more than one finger at your child’s collar bone than the straps are too loose. The straps aren’t actually holding in your child’s body.

It is important to secure your child with the cars seat straps because, in an accident the child’s body will come to a jolting stop allowing the child to move forward. That increases the child’s risk of hitting their head on windows, or doors, or seats in front of them.

To still keep your child warm without the big fluffy coat try layering their clothing. Below is a picture for the correct way to strap your child in.


Akeba Academy always puts the safety of the child first, If your looking for a childcare provider who values what you value give us a call today (912) 289-2734

How To Save On Childcare During Tax Season

Who qualifies as a person who needs care? In order to be eligible, the person who needs the care can fall into one of four categories:

1. Your spouse who lived with you for at least half the year and is not physically or mentally unable to care for themselves.

2.  A dependent of yours, other than a child, who lived with you for at least half the year and is physically or mentally unable to care for themselves.

3. Someone who is unable to care for themselves and lived with you for more than half the year and otherwise would qualify as your dependent. For example, they do not have too much income or someone else’s dependent has filed as married filing jointly.

4. In general, you can claim a tax credit as an expense paid for someone who is your child 12 years or under or otherwise a dependent at 13 years or older and not able to care for themselves.

You must also subtract any amount of money that has been given to you by your employer as a benefit for this total expense. You are permitted to claim up to $3,000 in expenses if you have one person who qualifies for childcare services and up to $6,000 if you have two or more. However, these do not have to be split up evenly. For example, if you have one infant and one eight year old and both went to Akeba Academy and received childcare services, the infant’s care may cost more than half of the $6,000. You can still claim all of those expenses toward your credit.

Who can claim this credit?

You may claim this credit if you needed Akeba Academy to provide your childcare services because you are working or even looking for a job. If you file as single head of household or qualifying widower, you must have some type of earned income such as wages, salaries, tips, or self-employment income.Have you been a full-time student or unable to care for yourself? You can still claim this credit.

How big of a tax credit can you get?

You can receive up to 35% of your expenses and the expenses. The expenses you can get that 35% on are capped at $3,000 for one qualifying person and $6,000 for two or more. The percentage goes down as the earned income goes up. You cannot claim expenses that exceed either you or your spouse’s earned income for the year.

Be sure to choose Akeba Academy as your childcare so that you know at the end of the year you are eligible for this tax credit. All you need to do is complete form 2441 and also a 1040 or a 1040A. You cannot use a 1040EZ to take this credit. Once you’ve been enrolled with our organization, you can receive your tax documents every year no later than January 5. We look forward to serving you in your childcare needs.

Christmas is a time for family to get together, to give thanks, and to be grateful for everything that has been supplied to them throughout the year. Sometimes one may get the feeling that Christmas is only about Santa, giving of gifts, and making the children happy during this one day of the year.

Here at Akeba Academy we believe in all of those things as well, but we also believe that everyone in the family has a major part to play in the success and in the idea of having family time together. In today’s blog, we want to talk to you about how to include your infants and toddlers in your Christmas time together. We believe that the little ones are the most important and it is a great time for them to understand the reason for the season. Infants and toddlers can participate with their own arts and crafts, created by them for family members as well as friends and family who participate in your Christmas time.

At Akeba Academy our infant room offers infants six-weeks to twelve-months of age an opportunity to have one-on-one time with their teacher where they can create sensory arts and craft activities. They can be used as ornaments or even given as a gift inside of a picture frame. As you can remember when we were younger, our parents would take our baby shoes and dip them in copper and make plaques from our baby shoes. Those things are old-school but they were some of the most memorable gifts that you could ever give a parent or grandparent.

We believe that as the children get older the arts and crafts from their younger years is really what matters during this time of the year. Our infant program provides a small teacher-to-child ratio, loads of hands-on activities, lots of independence and love, and a large space for small explorers to move around and to become more independent each and every day. At Akeba Academy our infants are creating arts and crafts activities that can be used for years to come for grandparents, aunts, and uncles, as a memory.

If you’re looking for a childcare provider that values what you value, give us a call today by contacting us at 912-289-2725. We would love for you to visit our infant room and to allow your little one to become a part of our family today.IMG_0291

12366573_1212516315432284_1299716862_nAre you a busy mom and you’re looking for a dependable daycare provider? Are you currently using a babysitter that’s not dependable? Are you ready to get your children on a schedule so that you can make life easier for you? We know exactly what you’re looking for here at Akeba Academy. As owner and founder of Akeba Academy, I know exactly what it’s like to have a need for childcare providers to help me with my child.

When I first got started in business I had the pleasure of having my son come to school with me every day. As we transitioned out of that first childcare location and I began to do other lines of business, I became a parent that was looking for a reliable childcare provider. I wanted an environment where I would be able to take my son to school, and know that he was going to school and not just to a babysitter. I found that in a local preschool that’s no longer open. We were excited about my son having the opportunity to be in a learning environment and to go to school.

We are offering you the same opportunity that I was looking for when I wanted my son in a school-like environment. Here at Akeba Academy our classrooms are set up for the school-like environment and our children wear uniforms. We offer parents the help they need because we provide quality childcare. We also provide all of the essentials with our rates, from your mat, to cover, to food. No longer will you have to pay each item as separate price. All of it is included with our weekly rates.

If you’re currently a family member of Akeba Academy, why not give the gift of early childhood care and education? Stop by our office and pick up a gift certificate that you can give to a friend. They can try us free for absolutely no cost. I cannot wait to find out if we are your chosen provider. You can give us a call 912-289-2725