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How To Find The Right Daycare

Finding the right Daycare center is one of the most crucial decisions, which makes it a daunting and time consuming task faced by a parent. The different options of daycare facilities available to parents can be overwhelming and consuming particularly for first time parents. At our main aim is to provide families remarkable and the right care for their children.
You don’t solely want a babysitting service – you want your child to be safe and happy in a daycare atmosphere that is fun, cherishing, educating, and nurturing.
The early years are critical in child’s brain growth and development. A high-quality childcare should help the baby — as it grows into a toddler and then a preschooler — develop social skills, build good relationships with teachers and peers, embark healthy associations and figure out how to manage its emotions.

Here are some useful tips in helping you find a daycare service that is perfect for you and your child:
Visit and Enquire
Visit the child care options you are planning to choose.
Adult to Child Ratio: Find out how many children are supervised by each adult. The fewer the children for each caregiver, the better attention your child will receive. The younger your child, the more essential this factor is.
Caregiver Qualifications and Experience: Check about the caregivers’ training, education and work experience. Qualified caregivers or having special training in the field of childcare will be better skilled to help your child learn.
Accreditation: Find out if the child care provider has been accredited by a national accreditation organization. Daycare centers that are accredited and licensed have met voluntary standards and requirements for genuine and quality child care.

Determining the way and type of care your child needs
It’s very important to determine the type of care your child needs. Consider their temperament, hobbies, likes and dislikes, health, behavior, learning styles, interaction with other students, and aspects along with their need for individualized attention should be considered.

Start planning early
Many top-notch daycare centers have waiting lists, hence it’s a great idea to plan ahead and make it on the waiting list well in advance. Also, frequently contact the administrators so you and your baby don’t fall off the radar.

5 Tips For Preschool Writing At Home Made Easy

It is very important for your kids to develop good handwriting skills so that they won’t find it difficult in higher classes while doing their assignments. Though, it is a computer-centric time, still it is important for your child to develop good and readable handwriting. Handwriting skills are really valuable as at some places it may also reflect your personality at your workplace.
Here are few tips through which you can encourage handwriting at home:

    1. Make your kid practice a lot

This is the best way to improve your child’s handwriting at home. The more they will practice, the more they will get better. There are a lot of practicing materials available on the internet.

    1. Shoulder girdle exercise

Make your kid to do shoulder girdle exercise before doing any handwriting task. Shoulder exercises help in strengthening and stabilizing the shoulder muscles that can free up the hand muscles for better handwriting. If your kid gets easily tired while writing, make them try these exercises as a break.

    1. Leave love notes

Leave love messages for your kid, either on their pillow, mirror or even in their bags. Ask them to write a reply and leave it for you. This will make your kid get involved in a lot of writing, thereby improving it.

    1. Make a comfortable grip

If your child doesn’t hold the pencil properly, he/she may get tired of writing. Give your kids rubber grips that are easily available at stationery stores. If your child loses a good grip, he/she may not feel fatigued while writing, and thereby improving the handwriting.

Improve your child’s posture
This also helps a lot in encouraging the handwriting at home. You can ask your child’s teacher about his/her posture how they sit in the class. You can visit your pediatrician and ask whether a visit to a therapist is needed or not.
Try these tips to encourage your kid’s handwriting at home.

At Akeba Academy helping the children develop handwriting skills is a must. We incorporate writing in our every day learning activities. This gives the children more and more practice each day until they can perfect it.

If you want your child to master skills such as hand writing call us today (912) 289-2725

How to Encourage Handwriting at Home

Handwriting for us at Akeba Academy begins in our toddler classrooms and it continues through out the program. As your chid’s age increases so will their exposure to our writing curriculum and expectations . Pre-writing skills are apart of a child’s early emerging literacy skills. At Akeba Academy the goal is not to have perfect writing instead the goal is to provide young children with opportunities to practice hand-eye coordination and small-muscle skills needed to e able to write.
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In this tech-savvy world, handwriting skills are deteriorating day by day. This is visible especially in small kids. Kids are drifting away from the handwriting activities due to the popularity of desktops. Therefore, hand-writing skills are valuable. Here are some tips that you should try to encourage your kid’s handwriting at home.

  1. Varieties of pencil grips
  2. Provide your child with a variety of pencil grips or writing implements in order to check which grip reduces fatigue. Using a good grip can really reduce fatigue and provide comfort while avoiding muscle cramps. This will automatically improve your child’s handwriting to a great extent.

  3. Make them practice
  4. It is rightly said – ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. Make your children practice as much as they can. If kids don’t keep on practicing it, they won’t learn it. You can get free practicing materials to make your kids learn.

  5. Motivate your kid
  6. Encourage your child by mentioning his/her dream vocation, and say if they want to achieve it, they would have to make their handwriting better. This will motivate your children to improve their handwriting while making it legible and readable.

  7. Become a role model
  8. Write notes in front of your kids, and be a role model for them. Show them that you value handwriting, and why it is an important part of their life.

  9. Choose a winner
  10. Select one day in a week as activity day. Tell your child to write down whatever he/she likes on small chits of paper and put them in a jar. You can suggest them ideas like watching a movie, games, or whatever they like. Whenever it’s time, tell your kid to choose one piece of paper and add another one so that the jar keeps full.

    If you follow these tips, you can certainly improve your child’s handwriting at home. Working with your child at home and having them in a childcare program that exposes them to writing opportunities and standards will help the development of your child overall. Give us a call at Akeba Academy to find out more about our learning programs now at 912-289-2725.

5 Tips To Keeping Your Married Life Interesting With Young Children

Hello Parent’s!
It’s Andrea Dickerson here, Founder and CEO of Akeba Academy and The Rock School Age Center. As a busy mom, wife and entrepreneur I know how challenging it can be to keep your marriage interesting and full of life.The purpose of this blog entry is to inspire you and to encourage you to keep it interesting although you have young children. It’s very important that you know that we’ve used these ideas below to help us to stay together and stay strong.

Keeping the romance alive even after getting married is really important to spice up your married life. And, this becomes a bit challenging, when you have kids. Therefore, you must find creative ways in order to maintain that oomph factor in your relationship while you have children.

There are a lot of ways that will guide you to instill that spark in your married life with children. Here are few of them:

    1. Read your favorite book together

If both of share a similar hobby – Reading, this can be one of the most fascinating date night ideas for you. After putting off your kids to sleep, cuddle up with your spouse and read a book which you both love reading. For more fun, keep aside something sweet or snacks to savor while you read.

    1. Work out together

This can be great way to spend time together when your kids are not around. This can be so much fun! Also, it would work great to de-stress yourself.

    1. Play a game

Play a board game, when you don’t want to leave your kids and go out. Board games are the best way to connect with each other. To add more fun, have a drink or snacks while you enjoy playing.

    1. Have a romantic conversation

Once you have out your kids to bed at night, simply cuddle up with each other and talk. This can be the most amazing date nights when you wish to spend some quality time with each other.

    1. Shop for each other

Take a short shopping trip to your nearby gift store, and shop for your spouse. This could be real fun, as you would both wait and expect something from each other while not letting the excitement drown.

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How to keep your Date Night with Young Children

If you have small children, date night can be the best option for you to maintain your married life. This is important to keep up the spark in your relationship so that your married life won’t turn boring once you have kids.
Here are few date night ideas that you can try at least once a week.

    1. Go out for a coffee

Date night doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete night-out. Put your kids to bed and then go to a nearby coffee store or ice-cream parlor. Make sure you leave your kids with a baby-sitter. This will not only give you more time to dress up, but also it would be cheaper.

    1. Create a dining destination at your home

Feed the children and put them to bed early. Now, you can turn your living room into an amazing dining area by lighting up some scented candles. You can order food from outside, if you wish to, and that would make a perfect dinner date at home

    1. Watch a movie together

This is also one of the best ideas to have an amazing date night with kids. Watch a romantic movie, or any of your favorite flicks which you both love watching together. This would be a nice idea as you won’t have to hire a babysitter for your kids nor you would have to spend much.

    1. Go out and click pictures

This is for those who love photography! Go out for a walk and take along your camera with you. This would not only be fun, but it would also create good memories. Click pictures of one another while you enjoy being together. Collect all the snaps and create a scrapbook at the end of the year.

Follow the above tips to enjoy date nights even when you have young children.
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