Akeba Academy has an excellent private preschool program. Our preschool program runs on a semester system
that provides content standards for every nine weeks. That’s right! Your growing preschooler will learn new
lessons each week!

We provide intellectual opportunities in the following 8 domains:

Domain Name

Your Child will develop skills in the following areas

Performance Indicators

Additional Information



Listening to and follows spoken directions, respond to questions appropriately through body language from listening, distinguish fact from fiction, Differentiates sounds, letter sounds, Use pictures and symbols to identify concepts



Letter Recognition, Shows beginning understanding of concepts about print, comprehends and responds to stories read aloud, 6 New Vocabulary words every semester! Use language for a variety of purposes, speaks clearly enough to be understood without contextual clues, Learn to read from Left to right

Stages of Writing:
*Letter-Like Forms
*Copies Letter/words from the environment
*Uses Letters to represent sounds in words
*Label objects in drawings
*Connects words to form sentences
*Create a story with beginning, middle, and end

Mathematics Thinking

Numbers, Shapes, Measurements

Numbers and operating, Mathematical process, patterns, relationship functions, sorting objects, shapes, measurements

Scientific Thinking

Explores plants, animals, rocks, soil, air, investigate matter, speed, motion observe weather change

The Arts

Explore material, music and movement, public speaking, dramatic play, recite poems and songs, create recycled art

Physical and Health

Gross Motor Development

Social Studies

Begin to understand family structure, roles, needs, community jobs, past, present, future, personal and social development, geographic thinking